Learn to Use Docker for Development

Fri Aug 12, 2016 - 200 Words

In this tutorial, we’re going to dig into how we can use Docker forĀ development. Our example will show the development of a Rails application without ever installing Rails on our machine. The process we’re going through today will make you more familiar with how you can use containers in creative ways. In the second part of the tutorial, we will take a look at layering another tool, docker-compose, into the mix to make our development environment even more enjoyable to work with.

Creating ourĀ setup using Docker wasn’t the simplest thing possible, but it is repeatable. In the next tutorial, we’ll go through how to use docker-compose to take the hassle out of creating, starting, and connecting our containers for development.

Resources for Using Docker for Development

You should continue looking into the topics mentioned in this tutorial by reading further. Here are the links that I suggest you check out to dig digger into what we did today.